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glimpses through the new paradigm using essential tools of

Hypnotherapy & Shamanism


Meda & Sam's Wedding!!!

Mutation-Station aka Meda and Sam....

Now merging under the New Paradigm ~ embodying Love Frequency broadcasting operation through our Sacred Union. Come experience with us the highest level of love vibration... September 21st, 2019 at our house & retreat UnU Center. (www.UnUCenter.com)

Please consider donating in-lieu of gifts to our non-profit Mutation-Station here -so we can be more equipped to share our gifts and love with those ready to receive it (our mission is offering opportunities of participation in learning to people who lack financial abilities):



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"Letting myself flow...
Is the only way to be
Letting you see me... see you...
Like rainbows from your heart to mine"
Meda, September 2018